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"Polycrystalline graphene with single crystalline electronic structure," L. Brown, E. B. Lochocki, J. Avila, C.-J. Kim, R. W. Havener, D. K. Kim, E. J. Monkman, D. E. Shai, H. I. Wei, M. P. Levendorf, M. Asensio, K. M. Shen, and J. Park

"New mechanicm for strongly bound excitons in gapless two-dimensional structures," Y. Liang, R. Soklaski, S. Huang, M. W. Graham, R. W. Havener, J. Park and L. Yang
submitted. Arxiv

"Observation of the Valley Hall Effect in MoS2 Transistors," K. F. Mak, K. L. McGill, J. Park and P. L. McEuen
submitted. Arxiv

“Interlayer Resonances and Excitonic Effects in the Optical Conductivity of Twisted Bilayer Graphenem,” R. W. Havener, L. Brown, Y. Liang, L. Yang, and J. Park
submitted. Arxiv

2013  ^

“Stacking Order Dependent Second Harmonic Generation and Topological Defects in h-BN Bilayers,” C.-J. Kim, L. Brown, M. W. Graham, R. W. Havener, R. Hovden, P. L. McEuen, D. A. Muller, and J. Park
Nano Letters 13, 5660-5665 (2013) PDF Supplementary Materials

“Transient Absorption and Photocurrent Microscopy Show Hot Electron Supercollisions Describe the Rate-Limiting Relaxation Step in Graphene,” M. W. Graham, S. Shi, Z. Wang, D. C. Ralph, J. Park, and P. L. McEuen
Nano Letters 13, 5497-5502 (2013) PDF Supplementary Materials

Local Atomic and Electronic Structure of Boron Chemical Doping in Monolayer Graphene,” L. Zhao, M. P. Levendorf, S. J. Goncher, T. Schiros, L. Palova, A. Zabet-Khosousi, K. T. Rim, C. Gutierrez, D. Nordlund, C. Jaye, M. Hybertsen, D. Reichman, G. W. Flynn, J. Park and A. N. Pasupathy
Nano Letters 13, 4659-4665 (2013) PDF Supplementary Materials

“Strain Solitons and Topological Defects in Bilayer Graphene,” J. S. Alden, A. W. Tsen, P. Y. Huang, R. Hovden, L. Brown, J. Park, D. A. Muller, and P. L. McEuen
PNAS 110, 11256-11260 (2013) PDF Supplementary Materials

“Hyperspectral imaging of structure and composition in atomically thin heterostructures,” R. W. Havener, C.-J. Kim, L. Brown, J. W. Kevek, J. D. Sleppy, P. L. McEuen, and J. Park
Nano letters 13, 3942-3946 (2013) PDF Supplementary Materials

"Photocurrent Measurements of Supercollision Cooling in Graphene," M. W. Graham, S. Shi, D. C. Ralph, J. Park and P. L. McEuen
Nature Physics 9, 103-108 (2013) PDF Supplementary Materials

2012  ^

"Polycrystallinity and Stacking in CVD Graphene," A. W. Tsen, L. Brown, R. W. Havener, and J. Park
Accounts of Chemical Research 46, 2286-2296 (2013) PDF

"Depolarization Effect in Optical Absorption Measurements of One- and Two-Dimensional Nanostructures," L. H. Herman, C.-J. Kim, Z. Wang, M.-H. Jo, and J. Park
Appl. Phys. Letts. 101, 123102 (2012) PDF

"Graphene and Boron Nitride Lateral Heterostructures for Atomically Thin Circuitry," M. P. Levendorf*, C.-J. Kim*, L. Brown, P. Y. Huang, R. W. Havener, D. A. Muller, and J. Park
(* equal contribution)
Nature 488, 627–632 (2012) PDF Supplementary Materials

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"Angle-Resolved Raman Imaging of Interlayer Rotations and Interactions in Twisted Bilayer Graphene," R. W. Havener, H. Zhuang, L. Brown, R. Hennig, and J. Park
Nano Letters 12, 3162–3167 (2012) PDF Supplementary Materials

"Schottky Barrier Inhomo-geneities at the Interface of Few Layer Epitaxial Graphene and Silicon Carbide," S. Shivaraman, L. H. Herman, F. Rana, J. Park, and M. G. Spencer
Appl. Phys. Letts. 100, 183112 (2012) PDF Supplementary Materials

"Tailoring Electrical Transport across Grain Boundaries in Polycrystalline Graphene,"
A. W. Tsen, L. Brown, M. P. Levendorf, F. Ghahari, P. Y. Huang, C. S. Ruiz-Vargas,
R. W. Havener, D. A. Muller, P. Kim, and J. Park
Science 336, 1143-1146 (2012) PDF Supplementary Materials

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"Large Scale Metal-free Synthesis of Graphene on Sapphire and Transfer-free Device Fabrication," H. J. Song, M. Son, C. Park, H. Lim, M. P. Levendorf, A. W. Tsen, J. Park, and H. C. Choi
Nanoscale 4, 3050-3054 (2012) PDF

"Twinning and Twisting of Tri- and Bi-layer Graphene," L. Brown*, R. Hovden*, P. Huang, M. Wojcik, D. A. Muller, and J. Park
(* equal contribution)
Nano Letters 12, 1609-1615 (2012) PDF Supplementary Materials

"High-Throughput Graphene Imaging on Arbitrary Substrates with Widefield Raman Spectroscopy," R. W. Havener, S.Y. Ju, L. Brown, Z. Wang, M. Wojcik, C. S. Ruiz-Vargas, and J. Park
ACS Nano 6, 373 (2012) PDF

2011  ^

"Uniform Peak Optical Conductivity in Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes," J. M. Kinder, J. Park, and G. K.-L. Chan
Phys. Rev. B. 84, 125428 (2011) PDF

"Laser-based imaging of individual carbon nanostructures," R. Havener, W. Tsen, H. C. Choi, and J. Park (invited review paper)
NPG Asia Materials 3, 91-99 (2011) PDF

"Softened elastic response and unzipping in CVD graphene membranes," C. S. Ruiz-Vargas, H. Zhuang, S. Garg, P. Huang, A. M. van der Zande, P. L.McEuen, D. A. Muller, R. Hennig, and J. Park
Nano Letters 11, 2259-2263 (2011) PDF

"Oriented 2D Covalent Organic Framework Thin Films on Single Layer Graphene," J. W. Colson, A. R. Woll, A. Mukherjee, M. P. Levendorf, E. L. Spitler, V. B. Shields, M. G. Spencer, J. Park, and W. R. Dichtel
Science 332, 228-231 (2011) PDF

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  * Review in Nature Nanotechnology

"One-atom-thick protection coating: oxidation and corrosion resistance of graphene-coated metal," S. Chen*, L. Brown*, M. Levendorf, W. Cai, S.-Y. Ju, J. Edgeworth, X. Li, C. Magnuson, A. Velamakanni, R. Piner, J. Park, and R. Ruoff
(* equal contribution)
ACS Nano 5, 1321-1327 (2011) PDF

"Grains and Grain Boundaries in Single-Layer Graphene Atomic Patchwork Quilts," P. Y. Huang*, C. S. Ruiz-Vargas*, A. M. van der Zande*, W. S. Whitney, M. P. Levendorf, J. W. Kevek, S. Garg, J. S. Alden, C. J. Hustedt, Y. Zhu, J. Park, P. L. McEuen, and D. A. Muller
(* equal contribution)
Nature 469, 389-392 (2011) PDF

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"Single walled carbon nanotubes as excitonic optical wires," D. Y. Joh*, J. Kinder*, L. H. Herman*, S.-Y. Ju, M. A. Segal, J. N. Johnson, G. K. L. Chan, and J. Park
(* equal contribution)
Nature Nanotechnology 6, 51-56 (2011) PDF

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"On-chip Rayleigh imaging and spectroscopy of carbon nanotubes,"D. Y. Joh, L. H. Herman, S.-Y. Ju, J. Kinder, M. A. Segal, J. N. Johnson, G. K. L. Chan, and J. Park
Nano Letters 11, 1-7 (2011) PDF cover article

  * Nano Letters Cover January 2011!

"Large-Scale Arrays of Single-Layer Graphene Resonators," A. M. van der Zande, R. A. Barton , J. S. Alden, C. S. Ruiz-Vargas, W. S. Whitney , P. H.Q. Pham, J. Park, J.M. Parpia, H. G. Craighead, and P. L. McEuen
Nano Letters 10, 4869-4873 (2011) PDF

2010  ^

"Photoelectrical Imaging and Characterization of Point Contacts in Pentacene Thin-Film Transistors," A. W. Tsen, F. Cicoira, G.G. Malliaras, and J. Park
Appl. Phys. Letts. 97, 023308 (2010) PDF

"Structure and interfacial properties of germanium nanowires grown on titanium," B. A. Bryce, M. P. Levendorf, J. Park and S. Tiwari
Electrochem. Solid-State Letts. 13 9 K77-K79 (2010) PDF

"Specific and reversible immobilization of histidine-tagged proteins on functionalized silicon nanowires," Y.C. Liu, N. Rieben, L. Iversen, B.S. Sørensen, J. Park, J. Nygård and K.L. Martinez
Nanotechnology 21, 245105 (2010) PDF

"Relativistic Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy of Solid and Core-Shell Nanowires," J.K. Hyun, M.P.Levendorf, M. Blood-Forsythe, J. Park and D. A. Muller
Phys. Rev. B 81, 165403 (2010) PDF

H. Wang, J.H. Strait, P.A. George, S. Shivaraman, Mvs Chandrashekhar, J. Hwang, F. Rana, M.G. Spencer, C.S. Ruiz-Vargas, and J. Park, "Ultrafast relaxation dynamics of hot optical phonons in graphene,"
Appl. Phys. Letts. 96, 081917 (2010) PDF

2009  ^

"Transfer-Free Batch Fabrication of Single Layer Graphene Transistors," M.P. Levendorf*, C. Ruiz-Vargas*, S. Garg, and J. Park
(* equal contribution)
Nano Letters 9, 4479-4483 (2009) PDF

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"Extremely efficient multiple electron-hole pair generation in carbon nanotube photodiodes," N. M. Gabor, Z. Zhong, K. Bosnick, J. Park, and P. L. McEuen
Science 325, 1367-1371 (2009) PDF

  * Featured in Cornell Chronicle!

S. Shivaraman, X. Yu, R. Barton, J. Alden, L. Herman, MVS Chandrashekhar, J. Park, J. Parpia, H. Craighead, P. L. McEuen, and M. G. Spencer, "Free-standing Epitaxial Graphene," Nano Letters 9, 3100-3105 (2009) PDF

"Measurements of the Carrier Dynamics and Terahertz Response of Oriented Germanium Nanowires using Optical-Pump Terahertz-Probe Spectroscopy," J.H. Strait, P.A. George, M. Levendorf, M. Blood-Forsythe, F. Rana, and J. Park
Nano Letters 9, 2967-2972 (2009) PDF

"Single-Molecule Electrocatalysis by Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes," W. Xu, H. Shen, Y-J Kim, X. Zhou, G. Liu, J. Park, and P. Chen
Nano Letters 9, 3968-3973 (2009) PDF cover article

"Imaging of Photocurrent Generation and Collection in Single Layer Graphene," J. Park, Y.H. Ahn, and C. Ruiz-Vargas
Nano Letters 9, 1742-1746 (2009) PDF

"Imaging electrical conductance of individual carbon nanotubes with photothermal current microscopy," W. Tsen, L.A.K. Donev, H. Kurt, L.H. Herman, and J. Park
Nature Nanotechnology 4, 108-113 (2009) PDF

  * Featured in Cornell Chronicle!

2008  ^

"Electrically driven light emission from individual CdSe nanowires," Y.J. Doh, K.N. Maher, L.Ouyang, C.L. Yu, H. Park, and J. Park
Nano Letters 8, 4552-4556 (2008) PDF

2007  ^

"Photocurrent imaging of p-n junctions and local defects in ambipolar carbon nanotube transistors," Y. Ahn, W. Tsen, B. Kim, Y.-W. Park, and J. Park
Nano Letters 7, 3320-3323 (2007) PDF

"Efficient Visible Light Detection Using Individual Germanium Nanowire Field Effect Transistors," Y. Ahn, J. Park
Appl. Phys. Letts. 91, 162102 (2007) PDF

  * Highlighted in Nature Nanotechnology

1999-2006  ^

"Phonons and Conduction in Molecular Quantum Dots: Density Functional Calculations of Franck-Condon Emission Rates for Bifullerenes in External Fields," C. Chang, J.P. Sethna, A.N. Pasupathy, J. Park, D.C. Ralph, and P.L. McEuen
Phys. Rev. B 76, 045435 (2007)  PDF

"Scanning photocurrent imaging and electronic band studies in silicon nanowire field effect transistors," Y. Ahn, J. Dunning, and J. Park
Nano Letters 5, 1367-1370 (2005). PDF

"Vibration-assisted electron tunneling in C140 transistors," A.N. Pasupathy, J. Park, C. Chang, A. Soldatov, S. Lebedkin, R.C. Bialczak, J.E.Grose, L.A.K. Donev, J.P. Sethna, D.C. Ralph, and P.L. McEuen
Nano Letters 5, 203-207 (2005)  PDF

"Wiring up single molecules," J. Park, A.N. Pasupathy, J.I. Goldsmith, A. Soldatov, C. Chang, Y. Yaish, J.P. Sethna, H.D. Abruña, D.C. Ralph, and P.L. McEuen
Thin Solid Films 438-439, 457-461 (2003)  PDF

"Coulomb blockade and the Kondo effect in single-atom transistors," J. Park, A.N. Pasupathy, J. Goldsmith, C. Chang, Y. Yaish, J. Petta, M. Rinkoski, J. Sethna, H.D. Abruna, P.L. McEuen, and D.C. Ralph
Nature 417, 722-725 (2002)  PDF cover article

"High performance electrolyte-gated carbon nanotube transistors," S. Rosenblatt, Y. Yaish, J. Park, J. Gore, V. Sazonova, and P.L. McEuen
Nano Letters 2, 869-872 (2002)  PDF

"Formation of a p-type quantum dot at the end of an n-type carbon nanotube," J. Park, P.L. McEuen
Appl. Phys. Letts. 79, 1363-1365 (2001)  PDF

"Nano-mechanical oscillations in a single-C60 transistor," H. Park, J. Park, A.K.L. Lim, E.H. Anderson, A.P. Alivisatos and P. L. McEuen
Nature 407, 57-60 (2000)  PDF

"Fabrication of metallic electrodes with nanometer separation by electromigration," H. Park, A.K.L. Lim, J. Park, A.P. Alivisatos, and P.L. McEuen
Appl. Phys. Letts. 75, 301-303 (1999)  PDF


LiHong Herman's PhD Thesis, "Quantitative Optical Imaging of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes" (2013)

Carlos Ruiz-Vargas's PhD Thesis, "Synthesis, Morphology and Properties of Polycrystalline Graphene Membranes" (2013)

Adam Wei Tsen's PhD Thesis, "Spatially Resolved Electrical Transport in Carbon-Based Nanomaterials," (2013)